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Mar 15 '12

NewSat’s Satellite Communications Connects You

Do you live in remote areas? Is you business located in regions where terrestrial infrastructure for communications are unreliable, unstable, or even non-existent? Situations like this demand satellite technology that can deliver you communications services with ease and stability. 

NewSat is Australia’s largest specialist satellite communications company, relied on by  companies and industries which require only top-notch performance. In fact, NewSat’s satellite communications technology is one of the best, and the World Teleport Association has consistently recognized the company as having one of the top Independent Teleports across the globe. Not to mention, the US Military has turned to NewSat for its mission critical communications in the Middle East, proving only the company’s high-quality standards, and excellent service and support.

NewSat delivers quality service to the remotest regions in the planet, making sure you’re always connected to your family, friends and even business. Resource and energy industries have also turned to Australia’s best independent satellite communications company - just one of many reasons why you should to.

Improve operation efficiency with NewSat’s reliable satellite solutions that are global in scope and individualized to meet your industry’s particular demands. Visit the site at or give us a call at +61 3 9674 4644.

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