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Feb 27 '13

NewSat ensures $611M funding for Jabiru-1 satellite launch

NewSat, the biggest independent satellite communications provider in Australia, made a recent announcement that the company has finally secured almost $108 million to meet the remaining requirements of the equity and mezzanine funding for its launch of the Jabiru-1 satellite by middle of 2015. Overall, NewSat has ensured a total of $628.2 million for its new satellite.

The Jabiru-1 satellite, which is known to be Australia’s first ever commercial Ka-band satellite, will be a hybrid Ku- and Ka-band satellite. The satellite is expected to provide coverage across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Lockheed Martin has already commenced the construction for Jabiru and an initial design review has been accomplished. The next stage of the project will be the critical design review.

NewSat has closed various deals, with companies ranging from satellite operators to Pakistani telecommunications companies to the U.S military for capacity on the satellite over the past 15 years. Reports said that the total value of the deals to date is $454 million, and that NewSat is still selling additional capacity on the Jabiru-1 satellite.

Adrian Ballantine, the Australian satellite company’s founder and CEO said that finalizing the funds was an “enormous achievement.”

“Closing the US$611 million funding for the Jabiru-1 satellite is an enormous achievement for our company. It signals the evolution of NewSat into a global satellite operator from a teleport services provider, and is the culmination of hard work and a profitable base business,” Ballantine said in a statement.

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Dec 14 '12

Steve Rich explains Ka band capacity in Africa

NewSat’s Regional Head Steve Rich explains and explores how Ka band satellite capacity is changing the African telecommunications sector, and supporting the emerging digital economies of the continent. Rich outlines the many advantages of the the new spectrum, which is considered as the next logical step after C and Ku band frequencies reach saturation.

Over the last two decades, demand for satellite capacity has surged as devices like smartphones and tablets, coupled by bandwidth-intensive mobile applications also increase. Ka band satellite technology enables operators and enterprise to take advantage of more powerful backhauling solutions, innovative networking services, and cost-effective network deployments.

Click here to download the Ka band in Africa Whitepaper.

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Dec 13 '12

NewSat Ltd invests on iDirect Evolution satellite hub

NewSat Ltd has purchased iDirect’s Evolution satellite hub as part of its investment in upgrading networks in anticipation for the company’s Jabiru Satellite Program. The first Ka band satellite, the Jabiru 1, is already slated for a 2014 launch.

Aside from the satellite hub, NewSat is also upgrading to the SatManage 5.2 network management software that will enable improved troubleshooting, network management, and overall service quality. The iDirect infrastructure will also streamline and integrate the company’s service portfolio.

NewSat is looking to deliver 7.6 GHz of Ka-band capacity across Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. iDirect’s Evolution platform is the ideal solution for the Melbourne-based company as it supports several frequency bands, market requirements, and satellite architecture. NewSat Ltd is looking to strengthen its tailored voice, video, and data communications services, along with VSAT solutions like cellular backhaul and internet from satellite.

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Dec 12 '12

NewSat CEO reviews company’s 2012 performance

NewSat Founder and CEO Adrian Ballintine summarized the company’s 2012 performance this year in a year-end report featured in Sat Magazine. According to Mr Ballintine, 2012 has been a busy year for the Australian independent satellite communications company, citing record revenue growth, increase in its core teleport business services, and progress in its Jabiru Satellite Program. The company is already looking forward to its transition from a teleport operator to a global satellite operators.

In the year end review, Mr Ballintine highlighted four key points which summarized the company’s 2012 success. First, he shared the successful funding for the Jabiru 1, and the positive impact the project has been generating, especially with the rising demand for satellite capacity. The vessel is already slated for a launch on 2014 through Arianespace, while Astrium is supplying the hardware components for the bird currently being built by Lockheed Martin.

Next, Mr Ballintine shares the Jabiru 2 partnership with MEASAT is finalized. The project will deliver satellite capacity across Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and Western Australia. NewSat already has rights to premium orbital slots that will enable the expansion of its coverage.

Third, NewSat Ltd’s teleport business is enjoying record monthly revenues, coupled by significant growth in the Middle East and Asia. Earlier this year, NewSat also reported securing over 300 new teleport contracts across the resource, maritime, construction, and government sectors. The company’s teleport facilities have also received a number of honors from the World Teleport Association for its world-class services and exceptional business results.

Lastly, Mr Ballintine attributed the revenue growth to its loyal global customers enjoying NewSat’s high-value of service. Teleport up-time rates were at a hundred percent during the course of the year and global industries continue to rely on the company’s cutting-edge technology offering flexible services that can be optimized to meet a client’s requirements. NewSat is now looking forward to building new customer-platform for its Jabiru Satellite Program.

At the end of the view, Mr Ballintine expressed his positive outlook for 2013, and cited the success this year to continue with the global satellite communications market staying robust, and the kickoff to the new financial year marker by a huge teleport contract for the Wheatstone Project in Western Australia. The upcoming Jabiru Satellite Program will also strengthen NewSat’s position in high growth markets.

Download the year-end report here

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Dec 11 '12

‘NewSat among the Fast Twenty Teleport Operators’ says WTA

The World Teleport Association has once again recognized Australian independent satellite specialist NewSat Ltd as one of the top teleport operators in the world. In its annual world rankings, NewSat Ltd was included in the top 5 of the “Fast Twenty” list which ranks teleport-operating companies based on year-on-year revenue growth.

The WTA also listed NewSat as top 10 in the Independent Top Twenty of 2012 list, which ranks independent teleport operators based on revenues from all sources. The list excludes companies whose primary business is the owners and operations of its own satellite fleet or terrestrial network.

Last year, the World Teleport Association honoured Newsat Founder and CEO Adrian Ballintine as the Teleport Executive of the Year. During this year’s SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition which was held in Washington, NewSat was also named as a top 3 Finalist in the Independent Teleport of the Year category for its teleports located in Adelaide and Perth.


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Dec 10 '12

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Dec 6 '12

Check out this short video of the South Australian teleport operated by NewSat Ltd. The facility is a Military Accredited Global Access Point supported by a 24 x 7 x 365 on-site Network Operations Centre made up of a responsive account manage team that ensures services are always reliable, and that a client’s business is protected. The Adelaide teleport also delivers C and Ku band coverage to military personnel in the Middle East, providing stable mission critical communications require for the deployment of crucial applications including VoIP, rapid tracking terminals, and private secure networks. 


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Dec 5 '12

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