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Apr 2 '12

Contended Services

Contended Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) solutions are ideal for small to medium businesses looking for reliable satellite IP connectivity at significantly reduced rates. If you don’t mind sharing your satellite bandwidth with multiple users, we can tailor a satellite bandwidth solution to suit your specific needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Reliable satellite IP connectivity.
  • Shared satellite capacity at reduced rates.


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Mar 26 '12

The 2012 Teleport Awards for Excellence were held on March 13, 2012 during SATELLITE 2012 in Washington DC. In a field of over 1000 global Teleports, NewSat were awarded Finalists in the Independent Teleport of the Year category, along with Jordan Media City (Jordan) and RRsat Global Communications (Israel).

NewSat’s “Top 3” in the world status recognises NewSat’s Teleports in Perth (Western Australia) and Adelaide (South Australia) as the best Teleports in the Australasia region.

Read more about the World Teleport Awards

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Mar 23 '12

The Fundamentals of Buying Satellite Capacity

Buying satellite capacity is the greatest expense borne by Teleport operators and therefore the factor that makes it the most important in terms of business success and survival. The World Teleport Association (WTA) has developed a white paper that looks into the fundamentals of acquiring satellite transmission capacity.

Some of the key points outlined by the executives interviewed were identifying customer needs and leveraging against available resources, competition, negotiation, relationships, the power of a name and managing risk.

A large price differentiator WTA identified in the purchasing of satellite capacity is dependent on what customers require the satellite capacity for. Video distribution is the most expensive use of satellite capacity while data services tend to be subject to more normal levels of supply and demand. Another factor that influences the cost of satellite capacity and creates a different market dynamic is the customer’s control of the antenna at the remote end. A way to bring costs down is to use a less popular satellite with acceptable performance which can offer the same value as the more expensive satellites.

Some other findings were based around the importance of name, reputation and relationships. Like any business dealings, relationships are essential and it is important Teleport operators build strong, open relationships with satellite operators that help convey the importance of what their Teleport services do and how well they do it. Equally with the name, some satellite operators prefer to sell to customers with credible business models and big names that can add substantial value to their satellite.

Risk reduction is another fundamental WTA address when buying satellite capacity, in order to avoid any unnecessary exposure to costs that may not be covered if capacity is bought for a specific contract and that contract falls through or fails to renew. Capacity deal making is specific to market conditions, supply and the needs of the buyer. Making sure the satellite operator has a real understanding of the business case for the capacity was another risk reducing factor WTA placed importance on.

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Mar 20 '12

NewSat Australia provides Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

If your business travels the world, through the most remote regions, you may experience local terrestrial or cellular networks unavailable or not working at all.

This makes work frustrating or impossible not to mention costly.

The NewSat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a portable voice and broadband data mobile communications service that offers reliable worldwide coverage by means of NewSat’s satellite network. A range of terminals are available to suit different operational needs.

With a Thrane & Thrane Explorer BGAN terminal, you’ll experience uninterrupted signals, allowing you to always stay connected. Fitting neatly into your bag and weighing in at under 1 kilo, it’s also a hassle-free solution.

BGAN allows you to:

  • Stay connected by phone
  • Download and send emails
  • Access Internet speeds up to 464 kbps
  • Log onto corporate Intranet
  • Transfer files
  • Use standard encryption such as VPN
  • Send text messages
  • Securely send and receive faxes
  • Create a wireless LAN

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Mar 15 '12

Welfare communications to assist staff retention: Oil & Gas

The Gorgon Project is one of the world’s largest natural gas projects. Data and voice services to support of 1000 workers were provided through satellite communications. Amstar deployed satellite services using NewSat’s Perth Teleport to support all permanent construction workers on the project. This service provided in-room entertainment, Internet, Voice and payphones and temporary accommodation villages to Barrow Island.

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Mar 8 '12

Improving Efficiency in Remote Mining Regions through Satellites

In remote mining regions, it’s especially difficult to make workers stay, since they’re so far off in a mining location and they have no face-to-face contact with their loved ones. There is the fly-in fly-out scheme, however, it’s costly and detrimental especially to smaller companies. This is where technology comes into play. For the past years, we’ve seen how satellite technology has also improved not just industry operations, but also employee retention levels. With the advent of more reliable satellite technology, mining sites can now stay better connected to the rest of the world. This means more reliable avenues of communication between miners and their families. Skyping is now possible. Plus, infotainment is now a possibility. Better connection basically means more opportunities to lessen the stress of working in a remote mining region. This provides an alternative to the FIFO scheme, savings time and money. 

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