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Jun 21 '12

Satellite Demand is Growing – Mike Kenneally, NewSat VP of Satellite Strategy

A communications specialist and information management expert, Kenneally has been with the satellite carrier for six years. He also worked at the Department of Defence, the Prime Minister’s Department and IBM. Under his supervision as technical auditor, the national census adopted spatial information systems in 1996 for the very first time.

Mr Kenneally, the vice president of Satellite Strategy of NewSat, expects the size of the company’s teleport engineers to increase in the coming years due to the rising demand for mobile backhaul, satellite communications and satellite-based services.

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Apr 19 '12
They established a very effective business alliance to deliver these services. Dodo works with them but that relationship is managed by NewSat and is effectively invisible to me – the results have been near perfect. NewSat manages any and all issues and only refer back to me when issues move outside the boundaries of our contract. We have complex stakeholder requirements and I would recommend NewSat unreservedly as they have adapted to our unusual business model with ease. If an alliance is required between NewSat and another “service provider, NewSat can be completely trusted with that alliance and will ensure efficient and effective delivery.
Hugh Gregory, Director of the Department of Defence Cadet Policy Branch in Canberra


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Mar 9 '12
We use NewSat for broadband and Internet connectivity and have established a very effective business alliance to deliver these services. We needed broadband services for over 500 sites across the country. NewSat have delivered against all their commitments and promises and managed the delivery in a very complex environment.
— Hugh Gregory, Director – Department of Defence Cadet Policy Branch


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