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Jun 27 '12

NewSat Signing In More Mobile Backhaul and Satellite Carriers in Middle East

The independent satellite firm will provide Ka-band satellite transmission capacity for a South Asian satellite reseller serving the Middle East .

NewSat, Australia’s independent teleport and backhaul operator, is yet to serve more end-users in the Middle East after signing another Middle East carrier. A South Asian satellite reseller serving the Middle East has procured a capacity on the upcoming Jabiru-1 Ka band satellite for its Afghan market. Jabiru-1, scheduled for deployment in 2014, now has a pre-launch sold capacity worth $600 million. NewSat did not announce the name of the satellite client due to commercial and competitive reasons. The independent satellite firm is expecting full payment for the said deal to be settled this month.

Jabiru-1 is now in its sixth month of production. Lockheed Martin is expected to complete the Ka band satellite by 2014. Arianespace has been contracted to launch the satellite. 

In April, the company announced the signing of a three-year $13 million satellite transmission agreement with a US communications carrier which serves the Middle East. And late last year, NewSat secured expanded frequency allocations for its eight new and existing orbital slots with a deal with Kypros Satellite Limited of Cyprus, giving the upcoming Jabiru one of the best positions in space to serve high-growth mobile backhaul and satellite markets in the ME. 3A Technology, a partner of international telecommunications carrier Mobilink and one of the dominant communications providers in Afghanistan, also signed up for Jabiru-1 in 2011.

In an interview with SA Defence Business l, NewSat VP of Satellite Strategy, Mike Kenneally, said the company has more than 20 contracts with the US Department of Defence. Running a Military Accredited Global Access Point, NewSat provides highly secured satellite and teleport networks to serve soldiers deployed in the Middle East. The number of mobile backhaul teleport engineers in the Adelaide facility could double soon following the launching of Jabiru. The entire Jabiru fleet will enable NewSat to operate with 100% worldwide coverage. 

In his recent interview for the 2012 Satellite Special Edition of APB, NewSAT CTO David Ball shared some of the payload specifications of the satellite. 

“Jabiru-1 has a trunking payload linking Adelaide, Perth and Cyprus into the Middle East, South Asia and East African region.” Also, the satellite will have 24 multi-spot beam pattern with wide coverage across the regions. 

“Our sales pipeline is looking very promising and the sales team is expanding, with offices in across the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Africa,” added Ball.


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Apr 29 '12

US Satellite Communications Provider Partners with Newsat

On April 24, 2012, NewSat signed its recent satellite communications deal, bringing the total value of the Jabiru satellite contracts to $571 million, said CEO Adrian Ballintine. The pre-launch contract is for the purchase of satellite transmission capacity for a US satellite communications provider. NewSat said the contract was worth $13 million, but it refused to name the customer, citing competitive and commercial reasons.

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Apr 25 '12

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